Service Updates Last updated: Wednesday, 05 February 2020 10:46 AM

6 Nations Cardiff

Please note due to event closures because of the 6 nations in Cardiff, we would like to advise our passengers to take extra time when travelling on 22nd February. Services will follow our usual matchday diversions, these can be found on our social media pages. We apologies in advance for any disruption caused during this closure. 


Affected Services:

  • ic_bus_16 X1
  • ic_bus_16 X5
  • ic_bus_16 X8
  • ic_bus_16 304
  • ic_bus_16 89B
  • ic_bus_16 89A
  • ic_bus_16 321
  • ic_bus_16 320
  • ic_bus_16 T1C
  • ic_bus_16 Five
  • ic_bus_16 G1
815 Service Cancellation

Please note that from 21st February 2020, the 815 school service will be withdrawn. This is due to low patronage on this service. Passengers should, therefore, use 810 - 812 school services. 

Affected Services:

  • ic_bus_16 810
  • ic_bus_16 811
  • ic_bus_16 812
NAT Group Services are running as expected today

NAT Group confirms that all routes are running without diversion today.