Elvis is coming to Wales this month! 02/09/2021

We're delighted and very excited to announce the Elvis festival will be going ahead in Porthcawl this month!

Starting at the Hi-Tide on 23rd September 2021, the celebrations will continue throughout the weekend, with spectacular shows at the Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl from 24th September to 26th. Many businesses on the seafront will be joining in the fun, hosting their own Elvis sing-a-long and competitions. 

With that in mind - how do you get there? and where do you park? Especially with all the roadworks!


Our 404 service, operates Monday to Saturday from Pontypridd to Porthcawl via Talbot Green and Bridgend, serving many communities, all looking to head to the seaside to get a glimpse of Elvis and perhaps a boogie!  

Many of our routes across the valleys and South Wales can safely connect you to the 404 service at; Pontypridd bus station (101/102/103/104/105/106/107/109/111/x38), Talbot Green (320 & 321) and also the Bridgend Bus station (303).


Bring your family and your friends, we offer group tickets too! 

To find out our ticket prices, please click HERE

For the 404 timetable and stops, please click HERE

For show tickets and festival details, please click HERE


We will see you there! 



Illustration credit to @ebautoart (One of our drivers!)